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 Should i Jailbreak?

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PostSubject: Should i Jailbreak?   Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:50 pm

Users Opinions:
Um I will just say it is your option but I jailbroke mine, and I love it, it is more interesting and it can do more things. I think the worst thing that could happen is having to restore. And yes the voiding warranty is bad but just be more careful. Today I did this thing on it where is can now access internet from my house when I am at school or anywhere else in the world. It is really cool but I still am figuring things out -.-
Hope I helped!
yes do it you won't regret it. even if you stuff your ipod up you can always restore it back to factory settings.
Jailbreaking is basically unlocking your iPhone or iPod Touch so that you can install third-party applications. As of this time, the only way to get native applications onto your iPhone/iPod Touch is if your name is Apple or if you jailbreak... Jailbreaking uses an "exploit" -- a glitch that causes Safari to crash which opens up the iPhone/iPod Touch to install other applications. After you jailbreak, you'll have a program called Installer on your iPhone/iPod Touch which allows you to select from a list of different applications and install them over Wi-Fi...

Jailbreaking doesn't require using a different carrier (although there are options to do that too). In this case you can jailbreak to install other applications. There are games, remote desktop access, ebook readers, IM programs, etc. that can all be installed. Here's a list of some of the applications available right now - http://www.modmyiphone.com/nativeapps/the-list/
I would highly recommend it. You payed out the bum for that phone why not use it for all that its worth!
Do it. Worst case scenario is that you have to restore. the device can do so much more if you let it, why not do it? My touch would be totally boring without additional apps

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Should i Jailbreak?
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